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HAND Made Yerevan

“RestoFest 2024” promises to become a striking event in Armenia’s cultural life and grant the residents and guests of this country a rich variety of gastronomic delights and achievements. However, the organizers chose to move beyond a merely delicious project. As the tourism boom starts, they will allocate a separate platform in the center of Yerevan for development of the national product.

Dates: July 19-21, 2 pm -10 pm  

Made in Armenia

“Made in Armenia” is another significant and noteworthy project, designed to show the hard work and talent of the Armenian people in all its diversity. It opens a unique opportunity to get familiar with traditional and up-to-date production technologies and to acquire craft items created by distinctive artisans. For 3 days, Saryan Street will turn into a colorful kaleidoscope of “Made in Armenia” products.

Leather and ceramic products, braided and embroidered items, sweet honey and dried fruits, aromatic tea from Armenia’s mountain herbs, natural cosmetics, chess and backgammon decorated with unique carvings, kid toys and interior items, bijouterie and jewelry… and this list can still go on and on thanks to the incredible efforts of the Armenian craftsmen. Many of them have been serving the cause of their ancestors from generation to generation by cherishing and virtually handing over their traditions.           

For domestic manufacturers, “RestoFest 2024” is just one more opportunity to present their product to the public at large, sell it and, last but not least, be remembered, and for tourists, this is an opportunity to get to know the unique folk art and crafts which are made in Armenia and most importantly – made with love.

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